Summit Farms Alaskan Care Guide

Alaskan Dog Care

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Step 1 :
Begin training and socialization early if you have a young dog or a puppy.
Step 2 :
Walk your dog for at least an hour every day, and ensure that all members of your family spend as much time with her as they can.
Step 3 :
Enclose your yard with a secure fence that's at least 6 feet tall, sinking the base into the ground.
Step 4 :
Feed a high-quality, relatively high-protein dry dog food.
Step 5 :
Provide a zinc supplement, but consult your vet first.
Step 6 :
Brush your dog thoroughly at least twice a week, making sure you brush out any loose fur.

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Kallie Sep 29, 2019, 9:12 PM

Unlike many other dog books, ‘Alaskan Malamute Savvy’ contains all the useful knowledge, advice and tips I learned from Malamute experts and Malamute lovers (like you and I), rather than just generic advice about dogs. It’s jam-packed with the most effective tips and techniques for looking after your Alaskan Malamute.


Muhammed Sep 25, 2019, 8:25 PM

The most effective way to obedience train a stubborn Alaskan Malamute and why “do as I say” methods are unlikely to work.

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Paul November 18, 2019, 8:28 PM

This is great! Thank you!