Domain Disputes - UDRP Policy

Describe the policy and its purpose

The purpose of UDRP is to provide guidance and the technicalities of how to proceed if you find yourself in a dispute with a third party over a domain name you own, or have a dispute over a domain someone else owns that is infringing on your own domain.

List and describe the three applicable disputes that can be used to challenge domain name ownership

1) If your domain name is the same or is attempting to appear to be the same name of a trademarked or service marked name.
2) If you have no active instest in the domain name.
3) The domain name is being used in bad faith.

List and describe the four criteria used to determine bad faith of a domain name

1) Buying domains soley for the purpose of re-selling them.
2) Buying domains with the intention to lure in a known trademarked company or an up and coming company.
3) You intend to disrupt the business of the competitor.
4) You're trying to gain commercial assets by using this domain and confusing the customers.

List and describe the three ways you can demonstrate legitimate use of a domain name

1) That prior to the dispute you are using the domain name as a legitimate place for e-commerce, or non-e-commerce.
2) You have been commonly known as the domain name or name corresponding to the domain.
3) You are making legitimate fiar use of the domain name without being malicious in confusing customers.