Online Sales in the World

What other countries are engaging in E-commerce?

China, UK, Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Brazil Source

For the top five countries...

What is their percentage of online sales as part of total retail sales?

China: 15.9% UK: 14.5% South Korea: 9.8% Germany: 8.4% Canada: 5.7% Source

What is the growth rate of online sales or usage?

China: 23.7% Source UK: 6.7% Source South Korea: 6% Source Germany: 9.1% Source Canada: 7.9% Source

Where does the United States stand compared to other countries in its use of E-commerce for the following metrics?

By % of total retail sales...

US has a ecommerce to total sales of 11%, meaning it comes in just below the UK, in third place. Source

By total Internet uses...

The US ranks 3rd by total internet users, coming in behind China (#1) and India (#2). Source

By % of population...

90% of the US population use the internet, which ranks 70th in a list of all countries. With the Falkland Islands leading with 99.02%. Source

By total or % of total spending...

The US comes in second of total revenue from ecommerce with $504.58 billion. China comes in first, with Japan 3rd, UK 4th and Germany 5th. Source

Is E-commerce growing, staying stable or declining in other countries?

Ecommerce worldwide is also growing overall, analysts expect it to grow at a 2% rate through 2023. Source

What countries are growing fastest in using E-commerce?

1. Indonesia
2. Mexico
3. Philipines
4. Colombia
5. United Arab Emirates