Research ICANN

What does ICANN stand for?

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Source

What is ICANN's general role on the Internet?

ICANN oranginzes and coordinates the unique ID's that allow one computer to talk to another one over the internet. Source

What is the general history of how ICANN started and evolved into todays organization?

ICANN evolved out of the goverment contracted group IANA, and now performs their functions as a non-profit organization. Source

Where is ICANN located?

Playa Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA Source

Who controls ICANN?

16 members of the board of directors head up ICANN. These members include 8 members selected by a nominating committee, 6 members who represent its supporting organizations, 1 member of an at-large company, and the president appointed by the board. Source

List and describe the role of the three general areas that ICANN oversees related to the Internet Often called their "supporting orgnisations".

1) Address Supporting Organization, which takes cares of the system of IP addresses.
2) Domain Name Supporting Organization, which is concerned with the DNS or names used to identify IPs.
3) Protocol Supporting Organziation, which assigns parameters for internet protocols, or standards that allow computers to exchange information. Source

List and describe the role of the four "advisory committees' that provide ICANN with advice and recommendations.

1) At-Large Advisory committee, which gives a voice to the individual user.
2) Governmental Advisory committee, which gives a voice to governmental concerns.
3) Nominating committee, a committee that selects the 8 members of the ICANN Board.
4) Root Server System Advisory committee, which is concerned with the integrity of the Root Server System.
5) Stability Advisory committee, which evaluates concerns on the security and integrity of the Internet's naming and address allocation systems.