Research SSL

Define and discuss the role of SSL

An SSL is the technology behind two computers (host and client) that are encyptedly connected. Source

Define and discuss the role of an SSL Certificate

It is a sort of online ID that ensure that a company is who they say they are by researching companies, checking their references, and assuring a customers identity. Most importantly it also encrypts data (such as payment information). Source

Identify three or more organizations that provide SSL certificates

Symantec, GeoTrust, Comodo Source

What is required to obtain an SSL Certficate

A server, your WHOIS record & the CSR from the server are all needed to set up an SSL, once you have all these you submit your CSR to to organization that you want to provide you with an SSL, and when that's validated tehy will send you an SSL for you to install. Source

Research and discuss the resources and requirements your webhost provider offers regarding SSL Certificates. If you do not have a host provider using or or

Midphase is the server that I use, and they provide SSL's through Comodo and PositiveSSL that's 99.3% compatable with browswers, 128-bit encryption, and shows a lock on your browser. This is an ad-on to hosting that jumps the price by $20, which now makes sense why my hosting is so cheap! Source