Google Yourself


Lots of Social Media links, about half to mine and half to others. I did find that the second Google result there's a professor with my name at Robeson Community College. Kallie Fields Professor-Google

A lot of my design work from my freelance website, Dribble and Behance. Google Images

There is a Fresh Meat Poultry Buyer named Kallie Fields on Linkedin Linkedin-Yahoo


There is a Kallie Fields in PA that has a court record! Yahoo

Bing Search Engine shows a lot of images of girls with my name, and roughly my age that are not me. Bing-Images

Bing shows up a top Microsoft Search tab that has my work email, boss, and an advertising ordering sheet attached to it! (Probably because we use Microsoft Sharepoint and Teams for much of our file transfering at work). Shockingly it also has my calander :( Bing-Profile