CSS Preprocessor

What does a CSS Preprocessor do?

A preprocessor generates new code to that conforms into another program. Specifically a CSS preprocessor adds the new features of a CSS preprocessor and compiles them into a working CSS file.

What are the advantages of using a CSS Preprocessor?

What are the disadvantages or issues you need to consider when using a CSS Preprocessor?

List at least FIVE CSS Preprocessors currently available.


Research Web Development jobs and see how many of them list a CSS Preprocessor as one of their desired skills.

I fully expected this to be a requirement among the mile long list of code acronyms that it seems every job requires these days. However, after scrolling through 30+ job listings I on LinkedIn looking for a Web Developer, not one listed SCSS or SASS. However, when I look to other job boards there are some that label the position as Front-End Developer, Software Engineering or Software Developer. Long story short, I think learning SCSS is absolutely relevent, but the term for a "Web Developer" is ever evolving, mostly that now we have Front-End and Back-End Developers.