About Me

I grew up in Story City, Iowa and lived there till moving to Des Moines to study (what I thought would be my career) Journalism / Communications at Drake University.

However, to have some enjoyable school time, I also signed up for a drawing class and then things changed a bit. I always loved art and wanted to persue it, however I also want to make an actual steady income. HELLO GRAPHIC DESIGN!

After transferring to Iowa State, and spending a year applying to their Graphic Design program and not getting in, I switched gears to get out as this was my 4th year in school, no real major and the student loans were racking up. I combined the classes I had and in another year and a half I got a BA in Fine Arts and a BA in Advertising.

After graduating I had a tough time getting a job, my computer crashed with no warning and I found it difficult for people to take me seriously with no work to show for it. So I started freelancing to build a portfolio while managing a local restaurant (and designing their menu’s) The Cafe.

Turning 30 made me have a moment of reprieve in that I realized I had no long term plan and was living paycheck to paycheck. I needed a grown up job. Back to Des Moines!

I landed a job at Gannett building advertising, and here I am 8 years later, with a career, money in a savings account and hopefully a promotion to their web team when I complete school!