• Designers of all stripes seeking to refine their skills, acquire and develop new skills and have a positive impact on the world through the work they create for their clients, employers or themselves.
  • Creative leaders and team managers seeking new ways to inspire their staff, collaborate across departments, sell their ideas and replenish their own creative wells
  • Business owners who want to improve the way they manage their firms, expand their marketing and business know-WOW, and increase their value to clients
  • Marketing professionals in organizations and corporations who want to learn industry-leading strategies, trends and communication tactics from the world’s leading brands.


  • Fuel your creativity
    You’ll produce better design solutions, boost your output and increase your value to your employer. Check out an all-new lineup of sessions.
  • Develop key skills your job requires
    You’ll not only develop your design capabilities, but add branding, marketing and business know-WOW. Preview the career-building conference program.
  • Explore products & technologies
    You’ll see and test-drive the new tools, products and technologies that can help you produce great work.
  • Create vital connections
    You’ll establish lasting, impactful relationships with everyone from speakers onstage to other designers sitting around you. Learn more about the WOW Community

“I’ve received several design commissions through WOWies’ referrals. All those commissions came at the right time, and every one of those experiences was great.”

— Cindy Johnson, WOW Champion

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