Grown from an ongoing pandemic, what else would a girl do besides work, go to school and freelance? Take care of a sourdough starter, that’s what. Our crackers are handmade with love and a 6 month old sourdough starter. Impressed? I know. California, take a seat my friend. I’m coming for ya.

Made with Sourdough discard, flour, salt, olive oil, and whatever else you desire. If you don’t see the mix of ingredients here, leave us a message and we’ll get your latest desires cooking for ya.

Sourdough is an age old tradition of fermenting flour and water with a regular flour and water feeding, to create a natural yeast. One with more flavor, one with more texture, one made with more heart. Depending on how often you want to “take care” of your starter, you can feed it daily, every 8 hours, weekly or longer if it’s kept in a refrigerated space.

Each week is how we roll with this. We have time, but every 8 hours? You have to be kidding me. No one has time for that, unless you own a bakery. Each feeding gives you an amount of “discard” that keeps the sourdough PH level healthy, but what to do with those leftovers? Well, we make crackers, and a lot of them.